Submarine canyon of Cap de Creus (Catalonia)

In this publication I will explain what is a submarine canyon and, in concret, I will give some details from the submarine canyon of Cap de Creus, in Catalonia.


A submarine canyon is a valley placed in the continental platform, formed when the sea level was lower.


The submarine canyon of Cap de Creus is 3 km to the coast and it has a length of 40 km and the hightest depth is 1400 m. In the next picture, at the left side we can watch a 2D image of its place and the first part of this canyon, meanwhile in the right side we can see the same part in 3D. Both picture have been obteined with the program ArcGis.

GIS picture of the submarine canyon of Cap de Creus (Picture: Marc Arenas Camps).

If you want to see a 3D animation, click here:

The canyon has a high diversity. The communities presents at 190 metres are very different from the observed at the continental platform. The most characteristic specie is the scleractinian coral Madrepora oculata, a white coral from depths and cold waters, very important for benthic animals and young fishes. For this reason, the experts request for their protection and conservation.


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