Common names of Mysticeti

In this publication, there is a table that relate the scientific name of the different species of Mysticeti cetaceans (cetaceans with baleens) with their common names in Catalan, Spanish and English. You can observe that the most part of them have several names.

Nom científic




Nombre científico




Scientific name




Eschrichtius gibbosus Balena gris Ballena gris Gray whale
Caperea marginata Balena franca pigmea Ballena franca pigmea

Ballena franca enana

Pygmy right whale
Balaenoptera musculus Balena blava Ballena azul

Rorcual azul

Blue whale

Sibbald’s Rorqual

Suphur-bottom Whale

Pygmy Blue Whale

Balaenoptera physalus Rorqual comú Rorcual común

Ballena de aleta

Ballena Boba

Fin whale

Finback whale

Fin-backed whale


Herring Whale


Common rorqual

Megaptera novaeangliae Iubarta

Balena amb gep



Ballena jorobada


Rorcual jorobado

Humpback whale

Hump whale

Hunchbacked Whale


Balaenoptera borealis Rorqual boreal Rorcual boreal

Rorcual norteño

Rorcual de Rudolphi

Rorcual sei

Ballena boba

Ballena sei

Sei whale

Rudophi’s Rorqual

Coalfish Whale

Pollack Whale

Balaenoptera edeni Rorqual tropical

Rorqual de Bryde

Rorcual tropical

Rorqual de Eden

Rorqual enano

Ballena de Bryde

Bryde’s Whale

Tropical Whale

Common Bryde’s Whale

Eden’s Whale

Pygmy Bryde’s Whale

Balaenoptera brydei Rorqual de Bryde Rorcual de Bryde

Ballena de Bryde

Bryde’s Whale

Tropical Whale

Common Bryde’s Whale

Eden’s Whale

Pygmy Bryde’s Whale

Balaenoptera acutorostrata Rorqual d’aleta blanca (Hemisferi nord) Rorcual aliblanco

Ballena de Minke común

Ballena enana

Rorcual menor

Common Minke Whale

Northern Minke Whale

Lesser Rorqual

Little Piked Whale

Dwarf Minke Whale


Balaenoptera bonaerensis Rorqual d’aleta blanca (Hemisferi sud) Rorcual austral

Minke antártico

Antarctic Minke Whale

Southern Minke Whale

Balaena mysticetus Balena de Grenlàndia

Balena franca àrtica

Ballena de Groenlàndia

Ballena boreal

Greenland Right Whale

Bowhead whale

Eubalaena glacialis Balena franca glacial

Balena franca comuna

Balena basca

Ballena franca glacial

Ballena de los vascos

Ballena franca del norte


North Atlantic Right Whale

Northern Right Whale

Right Whale

Black Right Whale

Eubalaena australis Balena franca austral Ballena franca austral Southern right whale
Eubalaena japonica Balena franca del Pacífic Nord Ballena franca del Pacífico Norte North Pacific right whale

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