Guillem Santamaria Motis: biography

GUILLEM SANTAMARIA MOTIS, Webmaster of All you need is Biology


Since I was a kid the exploration of the seas has fascinated me, a simple diving googles and a snorkel made me discover new experiences in every dive. This passion lead me to focus my studies towards the Marine Biology, with the grade on Biology (UB) and the master in Oceanography and Management of the Marine Environment (UB). My complementary formation is also focussed on the oceans and animal behaviour.

Nowadays I’m starting my phd in which I’m evaluating the use of marine wired platforms in the study of the behaviour and rhythms of fish communities and their relation with the environmental within they inhabit.

In the same time I’m a Dive Master and I’m training for being Diving Instructor. You can be in touch with me in LinkedIn.


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