Mireia Querol Rovira: biography

MIREIA QUEROL ROVIRA, Editor of All you need is Biology


Collaborator since February 2015.

Graduated in Biology for the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Master in Impact Assessments and Environment Auditory for the International University Study Centre.

Since I was young, I felt the necessity to understand the world around us and with whom are we sharing the planet. Trying to give answer to some of this questions, I decided to study biology and, concretely, zoology, and I’ve been learning since this moment. I love science in general and its dissemination and I have wide experience in no formal education in fauna centres and museums of science. I have also worked in the maintenance of wild fauna in captivity and them reintroduction in the environment.

My hobbies are astronomy, photography and hiking. You can be in tough with me on FacebookTwitterLinkedin and AboutMe.

Sections: Terrestrial mammals and Human evolution.

You can read all her posts here.

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