All you need is Biology has done the first meeting of collaborators

Today, Monday 23th March 2015, it has been place the first meeting of All you need is Biology in Barcelona, in which Mireia, person in charge of the Terrestrial Mammals section; Adriel, person in charge of Botany section; and Irene, responsible of Arthropods; as well as Marc, director and responsible of Marine Mammals and Environment.

The topics have been these:

  • Evolution and statistics of  All you need is Biology
  • Traiging: Types of content, SEO and Copywriting (The information has been got from the awesome blog about bloggin called Ciudadano 2.0)
  • Update of the features of our post
  • Several suggestions: activities, improvements…

Due to the conclusions we have draw during the meeting, in the next weeks and months you will see changes in the dynamics and structure of the blog. We hope you liked our improvements so these are set off to improve your experience with us.


See you in the blog or Social Media. If you are not following us, you can do it here:

See you soon!

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