2016 in review

A new year has begun and it is time to make a balance of how the previous one has gone. It is for this reason that we present a summary of how has been this 2016 for All you need is Biology.

In 2016, All you need is Biology has undergone a significant growth over the previous year. In fact, we doubled the visits of the year 2015. Until December 31, we obtained in 2016 a total of 320,216 visits and 228,448 visitors, indicating that each visitor read 1.4 pages. Taking into account that our goal was to get 300,000 visits, we have succeeded.


Visits have come from 202 countries around the world and from all continents.


However, a third of them come from Spain, followed by the United States, Mexico and Colombia.


As you know, our blog is trilingual. Three quarters of the visits have been in articles published in Spanish, followed by English and Catalan. The trends are similar to those of the previous year, but it should be noted that visits in English have slightly increased.


Our effort to share our content is focused mainly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In spite of this, it is necessary to emphasise the following:

  • Almost 40% of visits come from searches that people do on search engines. The previous year was 20%, which means that we have significantly improved our search engine rankings. That is very good news!
  • Visits coming from Facebook do not exceed 30%, while the previous year was the main source (39%).
  • Menéame is our third source of visitors, which indicates that our followers consider that our content is interesting enough to share in this social network.


Finally, 88 articles have been published in 2016, a few less than the previous year, due to some periods of rest of some of the collaborators because they were studying. The articles that has had the most visits from each of us are:

Do you want to know what posts have been the 10 most viewed this year? That is our Top 10 – 2016.

I want to finish by thanking all those who have made all this possible this year. Thanks to the collaborators for writing articles and obviously to you, the readers, since without you our work would be useless.

See you in 2017!


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