POSTS: TOP 10 – 2015

1 Menjar carn es va fer humans Comer carne nos hizo humanos Eating meat made us humans
2 La homosexualitat és molt animal La homosexualidad es muy animal Homosexuality is so animal
3 Per què sóc biòloga? ¿Por qué soy bióloga? Why am I a biologist?
4 Alerta: El peix globus ja és al Mediterrani! Alerta: ¡El pez globo ya está en el Mediterráneo! Warning: Blowfish is already in the Mediterranean!
5 Unicorns de mar: els pirosòmids Unicornios de mar: los pirosómidos Marine unicorns: Pyrosomida
6 Tardígrads: animals amb superpoders Tardígrados: animales con superpoderes Tardigrades: animals with superpowers
7 El llop marsupial: nosaltres el vam extingir El tilacino: nosotros lo extinguimos The thylacine: we extinguished it
8 Evolució per a principiants Evolución para principiantes Evolution for beginners
9 Rapinyaires nocturnes: l’òliba, les seves llegendes i mites Rapaces nocturnas: la lechuza, sus leyendas y mitos Nocturnal birds of prey: the barn owl, legends and myths
10 Per què els insectes realitzen la metamorfosi? ¿Por qué los insectos realizan la metamorfosis? Why do insects metamorphose?

7 pensaments sobre “POSTS: TOP 10 – 2015”

  1. Hola, en el artículo que habla del largo viaje del Coco, dicen que esta palmera pertenece al grupo de las Aceraceae. Sólo recordarles que pertenece ala familia de las Arecaceae. Seguramente un error de tipeo, Saludos!

    1. ¡Hola Cecilia! Gracias por avisarnos. Probablemente fué un error de tipeo que curiosamente ocurrió solamente en la versión castellana del artículo.

  2. I have read everything on your website and you are very good at explaining micro evolution. Micro evolution is a fact and nobody is refuting that. However, you have failed to provide any evidence to confirm macro evolution or scientific proof of how macro evolution occurred. Fossil records of apes to humans; hippos to whales; fish to amphibians are all frauds and have been disproved. The fossil records should be riddled with intermediate steps between apes to humans, but only a handful of fossils have been found and disproved. Stating that the Earth has fossilized some steps and not others is absurd. The Earth must be really clever to fossilize the main steps and leave out the intermediate steps.

    1. Evolution is a fact, but macroevolution is more difficult to reconstruct, there are no firsthand accounts to be read. Instead, Science uses all available evidence: geology, fossils, and living organisms. You can check this website for more information:

      Fossil record is not complete, but this doesn’t mean that evolution is a fraud, (althought some scientists have commited frauds in order to get credit for “intermediate” species. BUT the idea of “intermediate” species between apes and humans, fish to amphibians is not 100% correct, so we will never fins (maybe) this fossils). For example, in human evolution the are no “missing links” but a huge variety of fossils with “apelike” features, “humanlike” features and features which are not found in humans and apes.

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