Marc Arenas Camps: biography

MARC ARENAS CAMPS, Director and editor of All you need is Biology 

DSC03009rGraduate in Biology and Master in Oceanography and Marine Environment Management in the University of Barcelona.

Since young, I am interested in biology, specially marine biology, and in concrete in marine mammals. Thinking of the importance that scientific knowledge, and in my case biology, has to arrive to general public, over time I have been acquiring the knowledge and ability to communicate and transmit biology from the youngest to the oldest people, either working as an environmental educator, making speeches or writing informative articles.

I have done some collaboration with other entities and businesses. To highlight, with Hombre Moderno, an online magazine about fitness, nutrition and actuality, in which I am responsible for the Science section. Punctually, I collaborated with Baleària magazine, the Grupo EGF, Escápate magazine of the Universitary diving club of the University Juan Carlos and The Marine Professional magazine of Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology.

Do you need the services of a science communicator? You can get in touch with me at Google+Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Topics: Marine mammals, sea and environment

You can read all his posts here.


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